Compuzone is located on the corner of S. W.S. Young and Grandon

We're your neighbor

We have been in Killeen in the same location since the turn of the century (doesn't that sound cool!?). The feeling of community and belonging that comes from living in the same place for a long time is what guides our service and our prices. 
We have been here yesterday and will be here tomorrow. With the sense of belonging comes a feeling of responsibility to our neighbors, that drives our pricing and our customer service.


Along with being in the same place for decades, we also pride ourselves with having had the same employees for over 10 years. Our belief in dedication and caring has been the cornerstone of CompuZone Computers & Cell Phones.

Same owner, same staff, same location = same great service, same great prices.

Contact Us

For a quick response, it is best to call us.
If you prefer to email, please give us up to 48 business hours to respond.