iMac / Macbook Pro Video Logic Board Repair Service

Does your iMac or Macbook boot to lines on the screen? Does it power on to a black screen? Does it chime and show the Apple Logo but won’t go any further? Does it boot all the way to the desktop, but the icons are missing? Do you see light green lines, and the system seems to freeze? Is your system caught in a boot loop, booting up non-stop?

We can help!
Professional Apple iMac / Macbook Pro Logic Board / Video Card / Repair Service

Has the Apple Store told you have a bad logic board that they can replace at $600 to $1000 for a new one?
If your unit powers on and will not boot or if you have a picture on the screen but no backlight, bring it in, we can help.

We have also been able to repair water damage / spills by removing the corrosion.
Is your unit still under warranty? Just so you know any type of LIQUID SPILL OR DAMAGE voids the warranty so DON’T waste your time taking it to the Apple store. They will only tell you that your warranty has been voided and send you on your way.
We have had good success with restoring water damaged units. Let us take a look at yours and see if we can repair it.

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